Our Teaching Methods

Our Teaching Methods

The following are the key features of teaching on our courses: • Coverage of all important language skills – Reading, Writing, Listening and Pronunciation
• Emphasis on communication and speaking activities
• Interesting and stimulating range of activities – debates, presentations and games
• Communication and understanding between students from a diverse range of cultures is a feature of our courses
• Regular one-to-one tutorials to monitor progress
• Targets of attainment set in order for students to gain language skills
• Emphasis on authentic language to prepare for the world beyond the classroom
• Initial and regular testing to monitor student progress in language skills
• Approved and up-to-date language texts and course materials

Additional learning resources

At Language Vision our Virtual Learning Environment called ‘E-vision’ has been developed as a valuable additional resource for our students. This provides an easy-to-use facility whereby students can access a wide range of stimulating learning materials, useful websites and our excellent and informative Student Handbook. E-vision has been designed to help our students to make the most of their time outside the classroom and so reach their full potential and achieve success in studying English.

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Ten practical steps to improve your English language learning skills

1. Do regular breathing exercises. These will help you to produce some great variation in the strength, tone and pitch of your voice. 2. Watch

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